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The Omnitec approach varies from project to project, client to client because we tailor our work to your specific environment and business issues. Our standardised process is the bedrock that guides our work.

The Process

Analyse. Before anything else, we make sure we understand your business thoroughly. Knowing the business issues and processes is key to understanding where to begin with any IT project. Our standardised process starts with a needs analysis by our Business Analysts, who understand each business is unique and that cookie cutter solutions will not fit every need. The result is a functional specification document that outlines your business needs and the features required to solve your problem.

Envision. We know that time spent designing and planning upfront will save time and money in the planning, development and delivery phases. Our Project Managers work with you to produce a Project Vision, including Case Diagrams, Site Map and Paper Prototype. We also perform a risk assessment that identifies factors external and within that may affect the project, and then proactively take steps to mitigate risk.

Plan. Creating the right solution takes the right people. Our detailed Project Plan sets milestones, assigns due dates, and names the responsible party for each step.

Develop. We are fast, agile, and smart. With the Vision documents and Project Plan as blueprints, our developers quickly bring the solution to life. The team nimbly incorporates business requirements as they change, always keeping a watchful eye on schedule and budget. Vigorous QA tests throughout the development phase ensure the integrity of the solution.

Deliver. Solutions are deployed by our team into your environment and tested by the end users to ensure business needs are answered before being delivered into a production environment.

Feedback. Omnitec responsibility does not end with solution delivery. Our team continues to seek feedback after deployment, making sure that you and your constituents are completely satisfied.

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