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Omnitec Areas of Specialisation include:

Client Server Applications

We develop and deliver Client Server solutions that specifically address the strategic business targets of the Client through the use of Best Practice templates and our proven Process (Methodology).

Omnitec has delivered the following solution suites

·                Product Costing - The ability to construct a product from its various components and then determine the cost of production through activity-based-costing and traditional allocation costing.

·                H.R. - Tracking and calculating leave entitlements, Employment History, Employment Training Management System and Management reporting interface.

·                Ordering and Production Scheduling System - A fully integrated Ordering and Scheduling system that tracks the process from the telephone order, through to the scheduling production, shipping and integration to financial packages.

·                Import/Export Invoicing - Ordering and Invoicing System with integrated international dispatch and shipping process.

·                Financial Systems - Budgeting and Reporting Systems integrated with existing Account Systems

·                Mining Industry - Re-agent Tracking System, Mine Production Reporting System

·                Real Estate - Strata Management System


Web Applications

We develop custom online applications including back-end database design and integration.

·                We can provide dynamic scripting in PHP or ASP and attach you web pages to an SQL compliant database.


Mobile Solutions

New technological innovations are enabling individuals to use handheld computers that are much smaller and more powerful than ever. Handheld devices are moving from personal information managers to powerful computing platforms. Omnitec design and develop innovative solutions for these handheld devices on the Microsoft Pocket PC platform.

Omnitec has delivered the following solution suites

·                Customer Call - Nationwide Customer Calls systems that tracks and records calls, organises next visit due dates within areas and synchronise with Head Office to produce real-time Market Intelligence Management reports.

·                Promotions - Publishing product promotion information to Sales Reps in the field.

·                Actions - Custom built actions system that creates and tracks actions to be carried out by staff on-site and in the field.

·                Online Ordering - Real-time ordering on the handheld device









Office Applications

We develop custom solutions using Microsoft Office products including complex templates and macros that integrate with server-based data stores.

Integration Services

We analyse and integrate existing legacy systems and data stores, eliminating redundancies, and improving data quality, management and presentation.

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